Thursday, February 22, 2018

Addie Mae at 17 Months

Classic Addie: 'Up!' She is ALL about people, people people. This month, she took to asking new people to pick her up. While at the library at a children's activity, she went up to the librarian leading a song in front of a big group of people and just stood in front of her like this, repeating that silly word, 'up' over and over again. 

Always climbing, always going. Always getting into something she shouldn't be.
Always ECSTATIC to be doing it. Heaven forbid you run towards her to stop her from doing something, and the giggling ensues, because whatever she was doing somehow awesomely resulted in a game of 'chase'. That giggling is almost enough to make me let her do those naughty things. ALMOST.

ALWAYS putting things in her mouth. Dirt, earrings, snow, crumbs, anything she finds on the ground. EVERYTHING. If she can't get small things that turn out to be bothersome off of her tongue, she enlists my help, which is what she's doing here. 

I don't even know what this face is. But it's dang cute. 

And the stuff in mouth continues...

And continues....

And continues...

She loves life. She loves doing anything and everything we or Anthon are doing (especially Anthon). We finally got her sleeping through the night this month. Well, almost. I still sometimes comes into her room if she wakes up crying and sing to her so she'll go back to sleep. 
Her list of words includes (but isn't limited) to: up, bye, hi, bow(bowl), dog, dad, mom, Ahhh (anthon), bink, blanket, roll, bread, straw(strawberry), back (what she says whenever she wants something back), good (what she says when you ask how she's doing. It's adorable), Meh (milk), cheese (please)

-climbing everything
-putting everything in her mouth
-watching dogs and cats out our window
-making animal noises at any animals (or bugs) she sees and then trying to give them kisses
-putting on hats, gloves, and anything else she can to let me know she's ready to go outside (which she ALWAYS is)
-mimicking everything Anthon says or does
-being chased
-being tickled
-raisins, strawberries, broccoli, bread, cooked carrots
-going up and down the stairs (after three weeks, in our house, I finally feel like she's just about got the hang of them to where I'm not constantly in fear of her life). 
-Reading. (still loves reading to herself, and being read to). 

-having anything taken away from her
-sitting still for more than 15 seconds
-being held when she's decided she wants to walk
-eggs. I try and try again. Homegirl does not like eggs, regardless of how they're cooked. 

New Things
-pretend play (to talk on the phone, to eat) 
-zipping up her pajamas (she hates it if I don't let her do it) 
-brushing her teeth up to the sink just like Anthon does (though she hates it. But, it involves staying still, so, obviously).
-playing chase with Anthon. (I LOVE that I'll be making lunch and they'll both disappear upstairs together--and then I hear their little feet pitter-pattering with accompanying giggles).

Homegirl has a zest for life that you'd never think could fit in her tiny, spunky body. She is spice, energy, and fun. She knows what she wants and always tries doing it herself before asking for help. 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

A prompting, kindness, and a police car.

The picture to jumpstart this entry. Spoiler alert: the police came to our apartment building. 

A little background for you. . . 
We have an elderly couple who live next door who we LOVE. The husband is a retired police officer that served in New York City for over thirty years; he recently turned 90. His health, sadly, has been on the decline. He is in an upstairs apartment and unable to get down the stairs without significant help, so he has been housebound for months now. He's the funny, real kind of person you can imagine he'd have to be after being an NYPD cop. Being inside has worn on him--there's really not much he can do these days. When we first moved here about three years ago, he and his wife went out to dinner almost every night. They were always dressed to the nines and having fun together. 

Anywho, his wife has been worried about him and has shared some of her worries with me. I would worry about me, too, if I were cooped inside all day with nothing to do, in essence, but watch TV. 

I'd offered to have Matthew or myself take him out, but they know we have two kids and just don't feel comfortable putting something else on our plate, as happy as we'd be to do it. 

I had the thought to call our Clifton Park Police Department and tell them about the situation. I thought maybe they had a police veteran society or something or even a retired officer that might be able to come pay my neighbor a visit and chat sometime in the future. I called the police department last night and asked just that. After sharing the details, I was told the information would be put on the sergeant's desk and he'd see what he could do.  

Less than an hour later, I look out my front window to see the picture included with this post. I poked my head out my door to thank the officer and just clarify that it wasn't an emergency of any sort. He smiled and said he completely understands and is more than happy to sit and talk with my neighbor for awhile--he has some free time as it is.

Ha, I think answering the door to a police officer about gave my neighbor a heart attack. But, they (or course) let him in. 

An hour later, the officer left with his lights on for an emergency call. 

A few minutes later, my sweet neighbor's wife came over to thank me. She looked lighter than I'd seen her in ages and was just beaming. They'd been able to talk the officer into telling them who'd called him; she told me that if I would have given her husband $10,000, it wouldn't have meant a thing. But that visit, being able to sit for an hour and just talk and share police stories, was more than he could have ever wanted. She all but cried, standing on our doorstep, thanking me repeatedly. She shared that she has been praying for months and months to know what to do and how she can help her husband. 

That incredible officer is coming back Wednesday to take our neighbor out for a cup of coffee. I can't think of anything more perfect. 

I am amazed at the kindness of people. I am so grateful for officers that would take the time out of their day to visit a 90 year old man who is housebound. For officers who would make him a priority and get to his house within an hour of my call. 

I truly feel that officer acted as a spiritual guardian last night and was a tool in the Lord's hands. 

I'm so incredibly grateful to have been blessed enough to receive a prompting from Heavenly Father and be of some use in bringing joy and brightness to two of his children next door. I'm SO grateful for good people and SO, so grateful to be allowed to play some small part in Heavenly Father's answer to my neighbor's prayer last night. 

I know God hears us. 
I know He answers our prayers.
I know He answers prayers through others--be they neighbors, police officers, or otherwise. 

More than anything, I hope I can continue to be worthy of these promptings and quick to act on them. I also hope I can be like that officer, and go to serve others with a swift, cheerful determination.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Addie Mae

The last four months have escaped me, as far as my blogging efforts go. However, this picture has given me cause to introduce you all to the go-getter, have-it-soer, happy, social baby crawling all over our house these days. 
This picture prompts SO much telling about miss Addie Mae. 

We'll start with the SPOON...
   -Addie physically CANNOT allow me to feed her rice cereal without grabbing onto the spoon herself. She likes to do things and touch things herself. It's the same when I give her vitamins or Tylenol. 
   -A pistol. Seriously, SUCH a pistol. Since she was four months, she has thrown little fits every time we take something away from her. Yes, as a four month old. There is no distracting or handing her something else right away. Homegirl KNOWS you just took that piece of crinkled paper out her hand, and she isn't going to forget any time soon that she was SET on eating it!
   -Have it so-er. Kind of goes along with the pistol thing--but, she just has ways that she wants and likes things. Things are totally in her own time. I try to feed her. She shows no interest. I wait fifteen minutes. Still no interest. I give her to Matthew to put down. He comes back out ten minutes later and Addie acts like she hasn't eaten in days and has a huge feeding. It's the same way with sleep. Homegirl knows what she wants and is in chargeeeee. hahahaha.... I can laugh now, because I'm not currently trying to put her down or feed her for the sixth time when I know she's actually hungry....
  -SO coordinated. Seriously. The other day, I knelt down to clean Anthon up after lunch. She proceeded to pick up his sippy cup with both hands, tip it back, and try to drink from it. My six month old. ha! 
   -HAS to have something in her hands and mouth at all times. Note the fact that one sock is missing--which is pretty much the case any time I put socks on her. They last for about a minute before she's taken at least one of them off and put it into her mouth. 
   -Is a mover and a do-er. She is ALL over the place. She has the army crawl down, but only uses it intermittently with her up-on-all-fours crawl. This makes for a brother putting his blankets and toys up on couches, tables, and anything else--that is, if he hasn't asked me to barricade him in so she can't get to him. 
   -HATES being confined. Carseat, bumbo, ERGO, stroller, you name it. If it's got straps, it's not for Adeline. Anytime I put her in the bumbo, she wriggles herself sideways and catty-whompus in her escape efforts less than two minutes later. She seriously HATES being confined. Her happy places are either on the floor crawling around, or on my hip (facing OUT). 

And, now her EYES...
   -Addie has been alert since day one. Always watching people and following the party. She is ALL About people, light, and what's going on. We actually have to go in the bathroom to rock her to sleep, because if you keep her in the bedroom, her eyes and head stay fixed on the illuminated bedroom door back out to where she knows everyone is having fun. If there's ever a time we toss in the towel on putting her down, by the time we've opened the bedroom door, she has either started laughing, or has the huge open-mouthed grin spread across her face before the light even hits her face. 
   -She is SO stinking happy. Seriously, without fail, the first thing people say to me when they meet her--'She's so HAPPY!' And, she is. The first thing she does when she meets someone new and they make eye contact with her is to smile a fatty wide-open-mouthed grin. The first thing I see every time I go in to get her after a nap, is her adorable head, poked just above her bumper, with that same adorable wide-open-mouthed grin, just ready and SO excited to see me. She is SO social, and so happy. Honestly. If Addie has eye contact with someone, it's a safe bet so say she is also smiling. 

And...some other thoughts... 

   -I can say this, but you won't believe me. No picture we ever take of Addie is as cute as she is. With Anthon's baby pictures, I felt like I took a picture, looked at it, and it was every bit as cute as he was. With Addie, it is so not the case. One might argue I just say that because I'm her mom.... But her dad, aunt, and grandma are all with me on this one. Don't ask me why. But, is it really a surprise, hearing how adorable the whole of 'Addie' is? She is a GEM. 

Anywho...this post is far from conveying the 'the whole of 'Addie'', but, alas, it's as close as I can come tonight. Hopefully it gives you a small idea of the joy this happy, determined, little burst of sunshine blasts throughout our apartment on a daily basis. 

In Other News/Developments....
   --Our first TOOTH sighting was today. Actually, TEETH--as her bottom two have both officially broken through. The one on our left appears to be farther along though, so maybe it snuck through yesterday. Also, she's sitting up now.

Month Two, With Two...

Alrighty....Month Two with Two...

I'll give the highlights, some thoughts/tidbits, and then let the pictures do most of the talking

This picture pretty much sums up month two for Adeline--sleepinggggg, being held, snuggieeee...

-being held
-sleeping on her tummy
-big smiles mid conversations with her
-every other day kind of nap schedule (naps tons one day, virtually none the next)
-sleeping 8 and 9 hour stents at night

-laying on her back. HATES it and only lasts for about forty seconds.
-baths. Okay, she likes it for like a minute. But then, she is SO done.
-being laid down to sleep before she is completely out

 haha. This very classy, very adorable outfit is evidence of the fact that we didn't have very many newborn sized clothes for Addie... haha. And then when we did buy more, she had already outgrown them. So...we pretty much spent the month in snuggies. But, really....even if we'd had newborn clothes, I'm pretty sure that still would have been the case. One zipper? Hello! Yes please!

And, in summary of Anthon's month, this picture. Basically, to say that he was SUPER CHILD. Like, seriously. Addie basically needed to be held at all times, and he just rolled with it. For his naptimes, if she was awake, he would sit on the couch or a chair and turn the pages while I (or he) read to him as I stood and rocked Addie. If his being put down were interrupted by the sound of Addie crying, he would take the book in my lap, put it on his lap, point, and say, 'bebe'. Honestly. He amazed me more every day. He also magically developed an ability to entertain himself, which he's never had. TOTAL tender mercy of the Lord.

-apple jacks
-bringing car after car after car and lining them up next to me while I nurse Addie....
-call me calmly from his bedroom when he wakes up, 'mom. mom. mom. mommmmm.'
-Toys R' Us (the car aisles)
-singing Happy Birthday (it was his birthday this month)
-playing hide and go seek (and telling us where he's hiding)

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Summer's End and Fall's Beginning for Anthon Man

Well, little girl is down for the night, and so are my boys. So, that leaves me and you, blog catch up on some long overdue updates of our oldest child :) Granted, as you may have noticed from my last post, these updates will be FAR more scarce in regard to pictures, but, the important (to me, anyways) updates will be here.

Matthew put Anthon down tonight while I kept Addie company. A little while after Matthew left his room, Addie started crying. From Anthon's bedroom I hear, 'it's okay, bebe. it's okay bebe.' andddd my heart melts. Ten times over.

Today, there were multiple times where Anthon is a little rough on a toy or me and I'll tell him he needs to be soft. He'll then do whatever it is he did again, but this time softly--then look at me, and, while furrowing his brow and shaking his head 'no', say, 'bigg' (indicating he shouldn't do it big, but little/softly :)

Yesterday, as I was putting him down for his nap, he walked out the door, stood at my bedroom door, and blew kisses to Addie in her bassinet across the room  before returning to finish reading stories with me. He blew her one, two, three kisses. Then, turned to me, said 'hoooooooj', and blew her an extraaa massive kiss. He then turned again to me, and said 'bigggggg' and blew a slightly smaller, but still extra big kiss.

We've been working on being happy lately. If there are tears or a whine, we ask him if he can be happy, say please, or ask nicely. Ideally, all three :) He equates asking nicely/happily with a voice roughly two octaves higher than his usual voice and hahaha. He'll be frantic and wanting something, then we say, 'how do we ask?' and he'll cock his head to the side, smile, and (in that two octaves higher than usual voice) say, "up, please" or "watch Cars, please" or "help, please".

It KILLS every time. Whatever the number limit is on a heart melting and still sustaining life,  I HAVE to have exceeded it.

One of my favorites is hearing that happy, high voice, accompanied by that smile and head cock when I'm in the kitchen. Regardless of what I'm in the middle of cooking or can you just not scoop him up in the air and love every second of it? And, really, it happens at least five times a day. 'Up, please!' (cue smile and head cock).

Anywho....back to our updates.

August 17-September 17

This month was full of family. A trip to Oregon and a trip to Colorado. Apparently, I lied about the pictures, because I just looked through some of them and just can't NOT post them.

When we travel, we do it in pajamas. Especially when we travel at 5 AM, but, really...when traveling in general. <3

Someone is clearly excited about his big boy cup...

Traveling with a pregnant wife and toddler: not for the faint of heart.
haha. My husband, I'm telling you--he's the BEST. Seriously such a champion.
We took to having him board during family boarding and Anthon and I wandered around the airport keeping busy until the last minute to spend as little time in tiny airplane spaces as possible. When I say last minute, I mean--call our names over the loud speaker last minute...
haha. I didn't exactly communicate how long I'd wait to Matthew the first, he started to think I was somewhere in the airport in labor or something...
haha. Sorry, babe.

Arrived in Portland, and Grandma and Grandpa couldn't be happier.

Darla bought the movie Cars for Anthon. He was in HEAVEN. I'm not sure he'd ever seen it before..
This trip was the trip we discovered just how tender-hearted Anthon is. With the time-difference, he/we were up at 3AM every morning. One such morning, we watched some of the movie Homeward Bound. He started balling when Sally was caught in the water. I had to fast forward to the part where you see her dry and open-eyed, he was so, so frantic over it :(

Our little boy is seriously SO tender-hearted.

Grandma whipped out the 'ole slip and slide for us. Anthon's favorite part was finding the water puddles and drinking them.

Meet Anthon, master manipulator.
He repeatedly asked Grandpa Lyn to come over with him. When he did, Anthon walked over and sat in his chair.

Both Matthew's family and mine live within a 2 minute walk of a park.
Whenever we buy a house, I'd like to carry on this trend.

Shirt, compliments of Cathy Hall, my fabulous neighbor. Shorts and shoes, compliments of a thrift store in Oregon. There were sooo many sizes of the shoes for like $1.50. If we could go back, we would have bought them out. Heaven knows Anthon wouldn't have minded. He wore the HECK out of those things.

Grandma and the grandbabies

Lyn and his girls <3

 fun in the church gym. I don't have many pictures/videos from it...but trust me, it was a hoot.

 Anthon's face in this one! <3

Olive Garden for Madison's graduation. We bring cars everywhere we go and we know it'll be a success.

One of Anthon's favorite things in the world--holding dad's hand in the car.

 I told Darla Anthon could have some cookie...
A rookie mistake...
I realized after turning around to see just what 'some cookie' looked like hahahaha

With uncle Jason <3

 Darla reading the book she got Anthon to him. The first time I read it to him he had me read it four times in a row. LOVES it...
Barefoot, wheeled something in hand, dirt on his face. Yep. Looks like a happy boy!

Andd...a few from the beach. Darla has most of them of the rest of the gang, but here are a few of Anthon man...

This week, when I asked Anthon who was in this picture, his response was 'cars! two cars!'

Thoroughly tuckered out

 Lyn seeing us off...

 sleepy boy...

And...onto Colorado..
who knew Anthon's curls would turn so beautiful in the Colorado dry? Not me! (insert heart smileyface emoticon not on this computer...)

homeboy loved watching out the windows at the airports, not surprisingly, he got more excited about the trucks he saw than the planes. 

Our creature of habit...
Whatever couch, in whatever home, his perch for milk and reading before and after bed/nap times is on the far right, propped up with a pillow..

Sorry Disney,
THIS is the happiest place on earth.
Also, who doesn't look for an excuse to post a picture of themselves in swimgear while pregnant?
(cue sarcasm). But, it's a picture with all of us, so--I'll survive, for the sake of having one with all of those who were there for our trip.

Also, check out Brad's beard!

Kellie will love that I posted this one of her.
Also, she gifted me those pants.
Best sister EVER.
Not that I fit into them yet...

Three of my greatest loves. Matthew once said I talk to him like I talk to Shasta. Thankfully, he knew me well enough to take that as a compliment....
I don't really know what to say about that...

But it's pretty funny.
I do LOVE that dog.

However...via skype, the feelings aren't really reciprocated.

Being pregnant is a funny thing. You have pictures like me at Lafayette, where I'm like, wow--self, you are looking pregnant everywhereeeee. And then, you have pictures like this, where I'm like, hey, self--look at your belly! What a cute pregnant person we are.

Pregnancy, full of funny things, I tell you...

One of Anthon's newest favorite things: running his fingers through Matthew's hair while Matthew holds him.
Blanket: check
Bink: check
Happiness: check

And....back to our upstate home..
This month had lots of outdoors, a few good hikes, and, naturally, lots of fun..

 I'm aware these next gazillion pictures are all from the same day...
but will you just LOOK at Anthon's face?
I can't NOT post a million...

  A hot date with my mister..
But, seriously, how cute is he??

Oh! And I didn't realize until going through these pictures...
August involved a visit from Lyn and Darla to us here in New York as well!

As usual, we LOVED having them.
Best guests around, really!

We did an apple orchard with them while they were here. Anthon loved the Hay Maze and animals particularly :)


Matthew helping get  some smile for a selfie with Grandma and Grandpa Lyn..

Anthon for some reason kept doing this at the park one day. It was cracking me up.

Lyn helped us haul away our Purple Mattress (finally). Thank GOODNESS for awesome return policies.

At the library..

Watching cars go over bumps were still one of Anthon's favorite things.
We'd just park the stroller by the bump and wait for cars.

The many excited faces of Anthon...
(or, a few of them, at least.. I think there were about five more faces in the folder I got these from on the computer... haha)

Someone was already ripe and ready for brotherhood! <3
He's smart enough to know it's only a doll...I'm not sure he'll be quite as willing to share those goldfish with Addie when she's old enough to eat them :P

Matthew met us at the park on his way home from work one day..
Anthon was ecstatic.
Just pretend the random man on the right is cropped out...

You call that driving?! What was he thinking!!

If you like pina coladas..

Anthon and Matthew's favorite park to go to together this month..

Picnic at the park. Some extremely flattering pictures of me.

Favorite things this month:
-hot dogs
-trucks (Oregon was magic for him. There were semis EVERYWHERE)
-anything car
-watching cars go over bumps
-bike rides
-sleeping with me (often out of necessity (for my sanity, that is) on trips
-staying on New York time no matter what state we're in or for how long :O
-his blanket
-his bink
-snuggling with mom
-singing songs on the floor after reading stories in the chair
-Movies (my phobia of technology addictions is still alive and he doesn't get to watch too much... but he LOVES it when he does)
-Aunt Madison

Not so favorite things:
-my fruit/veggie mixes he's always eaten so well :(
-bees (he's never been stung. Apparently, he just inherently knows!)
-sleeping in new places

September 17-October 17

Ha. Yeah. Not Happening.

You should have guessed that when I said I decided to include pictures...

...until next time!

Oh, wait! I can't write a post without a little something about Addie girl.

These pictures are from her first month, since we haven't uploaded to the computer since then...
sleepy smiles, from the both of us :)

Put 'em up.
(and Matthew, per his wonderful usual self, playing with Anthon man in the background :)

 homegirl is SO alert for a newborn.
If it's not dark and she's being rocked/swayed, it's very unlikely she'll fall asleep.

Smudged mascara, tired faces. Looks about right :)

**Insert heart eye emoticon..

I LOVE this picture.
And it looks like I've still got room in there for her!

I've been fairly busy, but, after looking through her first month, one thing is clear---I need to take more pictures of Matthew with Addie :)

As far as current updates with little girl..
-she's found her thumb (she still has great difficulty repeating that, but that doesn't keep her from trying)
-lots of alert smiles
-lovessss sleeping on her tummy and honestly, can't really sleep well any other way, unless it's on another human being
-gets crazy air bubbles no matter what we do, so it's a lot of work helping her keep comfortable after feedings when she's got residual air/burps hidden
-loves facing out while she's awake

In short... (or long ;)
We LOVE our kiddos.

My husband amazes me and is SO incredibly helpful and hard-working.

I'm so grateful for these two bundles of joy, their growth and the fun it is to see them both grow, and just the knowledge that our little family is forever.